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Retroconf upgrade configurator

This solution allows you to model aircraft system upgrade dependencies and calculate technical offers. Our system is used for all Airbus aircraft programs.

Business challenges

  • In 2008, CAS designed and developed the "Retroconf Upgrade Configurator" system for Airbus Customer Services.
  • The system automatically generates technical proposals, and the configurator checks customer inquiries regarding fleet expansions. 
  • Prior to the implementation of our software, calculating technical proposals took a considerable amount of time. Using our configurator, such proposals can be compiled in a matter of minutes.


  • The functions and options for graphical data maintenance in our configurator are outstanding. Using an underlying model-driven approach, data administrators can work in a familiar and intuitive environment without having to resort to using abstract technical Boolean rules.
  • The data maintenance component, enables link building between technical (modifications) and  sales data (EPACs, Service Bulletins).
  • In 2008, the project won the "Airbus Award for Excellence" in the "Innovation" category. 

Scope of our solution

  • Project scoping
  • Requirements analysis
  • Specifications
  • Implementation of an industrial configuration solution
Airbus Upgrade Configurator

"The Airbus Upgrade Configurator from CAS Software AG enables us to lead Airbus forward."

Jerome Javelle, Head of Design Office at Airbus