CAS Aviation Suite
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CAS Aviation Suite is designed to improve sales processes in the aviation industry. By capturing all dependencies between the product modules and services, our configurator helps to link all aspects of your sales and after-sales processes. This leads to a significant increase in overall efficiency.  


Keep track of your delivered aircrafts and easily check the compatibility towards service bulletins, sales packages or modifications.


Easily identify the upselling potential of your customers with periodic reports. 


Step-by-step configuration to your customer's individual needs.


M.Web allows your prospective customers to build and visualize their customized products online before buying.


Ensure your customer's airworthiness by keeping track of the availability of their systems.

CAS Aviation Suite seamlessly connects all of your customer-oriented processes: 

  • Customer Self Service: Allows customers to build their customized products online. 
  • Sales: Accelerate and professionalize your sales processes.
  • Customer Care: Easily identify the upselling potential of your customers.
  • Ensure Airworthiness: Keep continuously track of your customers’ airworthiness.
CAS Aviation Suite - support across the whole life-cycle

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