CAS Aviation Suite
Modular and future proof

The system is highly modular, so fitting extensions can be flexibly added when needed, which leads to a future-proof solution. All modules are fully compatible and benefit from the same central data pool. 

Modules of CAS Aviation Suite

Manage the knowledge and rules of your products and services

  • Link sales process management, sales and after-sales knowledge
  • Design graphically without programming effort
  • Define dependencies easily via drag & drop

Keep track of your customers airworthiness

  • Manage all necessary MRO operations
  • Support your quality management
  • Manage your regulatory audits

Let your customers build their products on the Web

  • Interactive product design over the Internet
  • Provide additional information such as prices and weights
  • Provide a customer-specific download area, for example, for manuals

Data consistency with existing systems

  • Integration with CRM, ERP and third party systems
  • Seamlessly link CAS Aviation Suite into your IT landscape 

Create faultless sales proposals at the touch of a button

  • Specifically targeted for the needs of sales people
  • Intuitive and quickly-to-use user interface
  • Technically correct product compilations and services

Fast and easy creation of documents

  • Create any kind of document, for example, offers, specifications and manuals
  • Take concrete product configuration into account
  • Maintain continuity of design using your corporate identity 

Sell your products on-the-go

  • Sell your products independently from your office PC
  • Support your sales people at trade fairs with mobile configuration on tablets
  • Ensure quick information lookup on smart phones

Identify the upselling potential of your customers

  • Automatically derive sellable retrofits
  • Suggest add-on services based on the concrete configuration

Central repository of your product knowledge

  • Instant analysis of complex rules and dependencies
  • Renowned product configuration kernel
  • Highly efficient data storage