CAS Aviation Suite
supports the whole life-cycle

CAS Aviation Suite connects all of your customer-oriented processes: starting with customer self-service continuing with sales and ending with aftersales and customer care.

Whatever your business - whether large airliners, light general aviation aircraft, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles – your future success and profitability depend upon efficient sales and after-sales processes.

Our use-cases show you how CAS Aviation Suite supports those processes:

Customer Self Service

Our module M.Web allows your prospective customers to build their customized products online.  

Improve your customer self service with CAS Aviation Suite


The module M.Sales accelerates and professionalizes your sales processes.

Support sales processes with CAS Aviation Suite

Customer Care

With the module M.Care, you can easily identify the upselling potential of your customers.

Customer Care with CAS Aviation Suite

Ensure Airworthiness 

M.Maintain allows you to continuously keep track of your customers’ airworthiness.  

Ensure Airworthiness with CAS Aviation Suite