CAS Configurator Merlin

Iterative prototype approach

Product configuration for aviation industries.

Aircraft configuration management is a complex topic in the aviation industry. Which is why it cannot be implemented overnight. Consequently, our methodology is a smart blend of consulting, iterative workshops and prototyping. These core elements form a systematic, step-by-step approach to possible solutions. This "Iterative Prototype Approach" has already been applied successfully in several projects within the aviation industry. And, perhaps most importantly, is a typical characteristic of those projects with a high degree of innovation.

The methodology at a glance:

  • 3 to 5 on-site workshops are performed together with CAS Software AG, the customer and a possible integrator.
  • The following people should attend the workshops: domain, configuration and IT experts from the customer; configuration and Aviation experts from CAS Software AG. 
  • Main objectives of the workshops are to understand the requirements in detail and at the same time approach the future solution step by step. 
  • After each workshop, "homework" is assigned. CAS Software AG typically has the task to include the findings from the workshops into a software prototype that will visualize the ideas, whereas the customer has the task to review the prototype from the last workshop. 
  • In each workshop, the current version of the prototype is presented as starting point for discussion.
  • For each workshop, a document is created that collects the major findings.
  • In the end of all workshops, the prototype and the findings document provide an excellent specification for the real implementation of the processes and the software.